Looking after a Pillion

Today has been a day of what you could call intermittent weather.  As we had visitors yesterday we didn’t expect to get out on the bike but we had hoped for a bit of decent weather to fix a couple of things we needed to do today.  Normally I like to do a bit of mechanics but the tasks today were a bit mundane, but they needed to be done. (I hid in my greenhouse for most of the task, potting up chillies).

We like bikes to have solar panels to help keep the charge up when not in use.  The way they are wired means that the seats are all popped open so that the connectors can be attached.  It is a bit inconvenient so we bought adaptors to help, although it means there is now a constant attachment hanging at the side of the bike it is not too obtrusive and much more convenient.

One of the things I have noticed over the years are that some bikes are easy to sit on as a pillion and others are awful.  One of the bikes we have limit me to a half hour ride out, a break and then a half hour back.  The seat seems to tip the pillion the wrong direction, away from the rider.  Another one has a comfortable position but I feel a bit remote and even in my winter gear with a sticky fabric at the ass I still managed to clash with the rider.  Shooting forward on breaking and scooting away from him on acceleration.  It is not too horrendous on a short ride but after a few hours the muscles you use to follow the bike become fatigued.

People who do not go pillion will not realise that to stay on and follow the bike you use a lot of front thigh, and lower stomach muscles to remain upright.  After one journey I was getting pretty tired and had to start holding on using my arms (which I rarely do).

Back at home we found a product that proposed to solve the problem.  As it was fairly cheap we thought we would try it out.  It was a revelation. No gripping with your butt cheeks to stop you shooting forward, no helmet clashes as you get to close to the rider.  After several hours I was still able to keep going and it severely reduced the muscle tiredness.  I’m not one for promoting random equipment but this is one bit of kit I love and would fully endorse.  It is so cheap, easy to fit and as it is temporary can be removed when ever you like.

As such we bought another one as I noticed on the Cagiva Navigator last week I was slipping a bit. I was wearing Kevlar jeans on the Saturday so I suppose there is less grip.  I wasn’t so aware of it on the Sunday when I had my full gear on.  But still, I do like to go out for a more casual run every so often so we fitted the new Triboseat cover

As you can see above it is very easy to fit.

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  1. A nice looking product. A happy and comfortable pillion is much more likely to jump on the back. I wanted to share my rides with my pillion so I did a few things to improve comfort and security, such as lowered pegs, and upgraded to a more comfortable seat.

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