A Nice bike run in September. A newt and frog ’cause I love them.

Well the most amazing thing happened.  We had a dry Sunday and had nothing else to do but to go out on a motorbike.

Having planned our route it had to be changed at the last minute as we spent too much time just chilling before we went out.  Tyres and oil levels checked we set out on different route.  I decided on a reverse route of the Carron Valley to Fintry (B818) that we had ridden earlier in the year.  I’m really impressed with this route.  It is suitably scenic nice twisty roads with occasional long straights.

It is a route that can be ridden with no motorway riding if you head through the villages but we did take one hop on the M9 of a few hundred yards to Falkirk.  From there we rode through Falkirk, Caimlin and headed for Denny where we found clear signs for Fintry.  The plan this time was not to ride to Fnitry but where the road comes to a T junction to take the left turn to Milton of Campsie up the Crow Road, a rode we had never travelled.

Crossing over the Campsie Fells the road suddenly rises through a series of twists.  The road surface is fine but as you would expect on this type of moor road there are really no verges to talk off so take care if you need to pull over.  We passed a few cyclists hauling themselves up the hill and were fortunate to be on reasonable stretches allowing safe passing for everyone.

On the left (east) of us there are hills that are below 600meters but may be worth returning to walk at a future date. Going by the scar path up Meikle Bin it is a well walked area.  To the right there is a weather radar placed on Holehead Hill.  As you start to descend, the moor on the right has recently been planted by a local group and it has the potential to be a very nice mix of deciduous and evergreen trees which will gradually change the shape and look of this bleak moor.

Without much warning you break out to a view across Lennoxtown with Campsie Glen framed by the Kilpatrick Hills.  Here it becomes apparent how close you are to Glasgow.  There is a large carpark that was very busy (I know the weather will have helped) and an ice-cream van had set up in the middle. There were people everywhere, all shapes and sizes and all ages.  The very young and old all taking to walking up the hill to what I have now found out is a fresh water spring, Jamie Wright’s Well.


There was another bike parked up and as biking is still such a social past-time we ended up passing sometime with the rider.  He had just returned to riding after some crazy injuries and was just enjoying the day.  Most of the converstation was based on clothing and who liked what makes etc.  As it is Scotland all weather kit sits high on the must have list and you really appreciate that crazy wee day where you can break out the leathers without the dread of taking three days to dry them out on the clothes horse.

The talk of clothing links sweetly in to the test trial of Moto-Skivees.  As I come with my own padding my erse is fine on most bikes but my pal has the problem of a rather bony erse.  Over the years we have toyed with the idea of seat covers etc but have never taken it any further.  Recently Andrew saw an advert for these new knickers and decided that they would be a better investment as it didn’t matter which bike he was on the knickers would go with him.  No need for several seat cover for different bikes.  This was the first day out with him modelling his new bloomers.  They were not as bulky as cycle shorts and were nicely tailored.  They were very discreet (oh god it’s a sanitary towel advert) underneath his bike gear.  They were duly trialled on this run but the feedback was limited.  Probably due to the ride only being 70 miles.  These will be tested more thoroughly in October when we are on holiday and hope to fit in many more miles.

Now a bit of nature as I love it.

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