Been a long time, been a long time, (sing)

After a really long winter, with regular snow from November through to March (spot the hibernating motorbike)20171226_140021 (1)

I have been really looking forward to getting back on the road and doing some trips. However a couple of health issues (mainly a twisted knee injury) I have been unable to even go pillion as the bend in my knee was too much and the rotation of dismounting was pretty grim.  All this amazing weather that we have suddenly been thrown into and I have been stuck in a car.

Today was the day I took a test ride to feel out the recovery of my joint and to say I am ecstatic is an understatement.  Still pretty ropey on a dismount but with care and a bike with a longer leg reach to the pegs (Cagiva Navigator) I have had a successful day out.

To ensure this was going to work the first trip was literally down the road to Armadale, as yesterday in the car I spotted a  bike shop.  As this is a really wee town I thought I was making it up.  A quick internet search was to confirm that it existed. AV Superbikes

A bit of gardening, some cooking and into the bike gear and we set off for Armadale a grand total of 8 miles and we were at the shop.  As soon as we opened the door we were greeted by a friendly member of staff and a pretty smart showroom with a super variety of bikes.  The showroom was a mixture of old school bike shop with modern cleanliness and lighting.  The bikes were well presented and went from VMax, custom and a bobber with a suicide gear change (I loved this).  The owner of the shop was on site and made us very welcome and the mechanic was on hand too.  The mechanic spent a great deal of time with a potential customer going over the custom bike he was considering buying.  This gave the impression of a business which takes great pride and care in the customer experience.  I wish them every success with their business and dead chuffed that there is somewhere to go that is not a main city.

Leaving (without the bobber) I felt well enough to go a bit further and picked a tiny moor road from Armadale to Falkirk to take us to the Kincardine Bridge to visit another bike shop.  Morven Motorcycles   Another independent shop with second hand bikes and always a great selection. This too is a friendly place to stop off and browse but it is a slightly different market position.  For all those older people from the Lothian’s it reminds me of Alvin’s down Leith Walk and I love it.

From here, to satisfy my gardening obsession, we headed to The Pineapple


Not a great distance but still in test mode it was far enough for me to establish that I am back on the road.

Where will tomorrow take me?  Don’t really care so long as I am on two wheels.



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