Bike product, but not for a bike?

Recently I have been following a local custom seat maker on that hugely popular social media app that uses up all you time.  I’m not usually one to follow random stuff but the images that were being posted really caught my eye.  Have a look see for yourself.


Hurley Custom Seats



There were seats for all sorts of bikes, all different finishes but a lot of the detail was in the design of the seats themselves.  A lot of the seats were being custom sculpted for the rider, such as cutting out at the coccyx to take the pressure off a damaged spine.

After watching the progress over a few weeks I knew that I would like a seat for my Suzuki SFV650 Gladius done at some point but not quite sure what I would like.  I introduced my husband to the page as we were sitting at the kitchen table on what can only be described as solid but shonkey church chairs.  You kind of sit in them and not on them.  Dipping so low into the wooden frame that the back of your legs go dead.

Jokingly I suggested we could get new seat pads from this dude with our bike makes stitched in, but I was serious about wanting him to do the seats for me.  I was however a bit reluctant to approach him, I was worried about offending him as it was only motorbike seats that I was aware of him doing.

About 10 days later there was a post of a chair that he had renovated and at that point I was so I pleased that I had seen it and now felt quite comfortable in approaching him about the chairs.  Quite literally a couple of Facebook messages, a few photos and a quote later I had my chairs over to him.

Today I received the chairs back. The leather on them is exactly as discussed, old fashioned brown and heavily grained.

I am writing this sitting on one of said chairs and can confirm that I am truly sitting on a chair and not through the hole in the middle and my legs are still functioning.

Highly recommended and love supporting a local business.

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